About ID & Being Cult !

Introduced in 2004, ID is the first true Indian Cult Brand in the footwear sphere that immediately became a rageamongst its customers, who soon became loyalists as they came to appreciate the supple genuine high quality leather, and the painstaking attention to detail that went into making each pair a masterpiece. From its innovative designing to its distress finishing, each shoe continues to receive the same special care from our trained artisans.

ID is more than just a shoe or a brand, it is a state of mind, an emotion, a way of life that translates its uniqueness into all aspects of an individuals’ identity.

ID shoes are worn with pride by the wolves, who are looked on in envy by the countless sheep. ID customers do not join the cult, they become the CULT. They cut their own path and stay away from the mainstream, they live their lives on a different beat and on their own terms.

The IDfashion basket offers a vast selection of more than 400 styles across all majorfootwear categories of Casuals, Dress Formals, Sandals and Boots, while maintaining the highest International standards of production.

With the introduction of Patented Trademark Technologies such as 56 Air Pocket System and ID Lite Soles, every ID shoe promises the best quality and comfort experience to its wearer.

The ID customer blends into any situation, be it a corporate board room meeting, or a rock concert somewhere in the hills of the Spiti valley, while still holding on to their own one of a kind identity.

We live in a world of copycats, where everything has been done before and beaten to pulp, don't get lost in the crowd of inseparable monotony, display your unique identity with ID.