Established in 2004, iD shoes was the first true Indian cult brand in the footwear sphere and immediately became a hit with its customers who became loyalists as they came to appreciate the supple, genuine high quality leather and the painstaking attention to detail that went into making each shoe a masterpiece. From its conception to its final hand stitches and polishing, each shoe has received the same special care and focus of our trained artisans.

iD has always taken great pride in being more than just a shoe or a brand. iD is a state of mind, an emotion, a way of life that translates its uniqueness into all aspects of an individuals identity.

In its early years iD shoes were not designed to be worn by everybody. This shoe was worn with pride by the wolves, who were looked on in envy by the countless sheep. iD customers did not join the cult, they became it. They cut their own path and stayed away from the mainstream, they lived their lives on a different beat and helped iD cement its reputation as a raw, rugged and provocative brand.

Today iD is back with a new range that spans across more than 80 new styles. The philosophy has not changed and the quality has been further improved. iD shoes provide its customers with a unique opportunity to blend into any situation, be it a corporate board room meeting or a rock concert somewhere in the hills of Spiti valley, while still holding on to their one of a kind identity.

We live in a world of me too's and copycats, where everything has been done before and been beaten to a pulp............dont get lost in the crowd of inseparable monotony, display your unique identity....with iD.

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